Welcome to the Southwest Timberwolves Kids Wrestling Club.

The club is under the leadership of Cody Parks and Kevin McCall with the support from the Blue Valley Southwest High School assistant coaches, former wrestlers from the school, parents and volunteers.

The Goal of the Southwest Wrestling Club is to offer and teach the sport of wrestling to youth (ages 5-14).

The Mission of the Southwest Wrestling Club is to focus on developing the strongest student athletes, helping them excel at their studies as well as their best wrestling styles. We aim to balance hard work, discipline, and strong character by acquiring the life skills needed to develop leaders and champions for life. Our full commitment and dedication is to help all Southwest wrestlers achieve their maximum potential by providing the best instruction, coaching, and resources to our wrestlers and parents. We have a proven track record to give your wrestler the sport specific foundations, the cutting edge techniques and technologies specially developed to fuel their successes both on the mat and in life. Entering for the love of wrestling, one will leave with an appreciation and preparation for life.

The Southwest Timberwolves Kids Wrestling Club is a member of the Blue Valley Junior Athletic Association.